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Info for Internship Credit


The “Impact Tour” is 3 1/2 consecutive weeks, broken into two phases for a total of ~200 hours

  • Training Phase (10 days) ~90 hours of preparation
  • Ministry Phase (15 days) ~110 hours of direct service



Unlike most projects, the “Impact Tour” has wheels! Students will meet at University of New England (Maine) for the training Phase, and then we will jump on our tour bus for over 1,200 miles of travel across multiple US states. Diverse ministry locations include a variety of correctional facilities – male and female, youth and adult.


What Will Students Learn?

  • Awareness of Social Issues related to crime, poverty, and gang culture in the US, through in-depth discussions with:
    • Top field professionals (college professors, federal agents, prison wardens)
    • Facility leaders (chaplains, corrections officers, social workers)
    • Audience members (real people with real experiences)
  • Awareness of Self which affects the focus and direction of life. By engaging in this work that is so out of the box, students discover talents, interests, passions, confidence and convictions.
  • Awareness of God in the midst of intense challenges. Students learn to rely on the presence and power of God to do what only He can do.
  • Teamwork, as a diverse group of individuals combine their skills, personalities and backgrounds to serve one mission. Not only does each student fill a necessary role, but trust within the community is essential to overcome the various obstacles they will face.

Our intention is that students would be equipped and motivated to apply these learnings to future roles in schools, churches, workplaces, service opportunities, and public office.


How Will Students Serve?

  • Preparing the Production — Students will spend hours learning hip-hop, rock, and urban gospel music (choreography and voice parts) to be able to present a genuine message with joy and confidence. Some students will be given the opportunity to serve with lead roles in dance, theater, voice, and spoken word, in which case more preparation will be required.
  • Setting Up/Tearing Down Equipment — Students will each serve a particular role on small teams that combine their efforts to assemble/disassemble the entire set. Since we travel, this process will occur at each of the 10 facilities.
  • Offering the Presentation — The choice to simply go to these undesirable places, and then to become vulnerable and passionately express the love of Christ to an “undeserving” audience is what leaves the biggest impression. Facility residents, staff, and administration are encouraged and have a greater sense of hope for their future as a result of each student’s commitment to offer a relevant presentation of the hope found in Jesus.


The Impact Tour meets the requirements of a higher education service-learning project, according to the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse. Click here for a description of our Core Components.