Impact Event

A one-day experience igniting hope that leads to life change.

The largest Christian performing arts production offered in US prisons, designed to bring positive change to each facility
    • Building a bridge to engage in dialogue.
    • Cast of 30 young artists selected nationally for leadership potential.
    • Relevant music, theatre, dance & spoken word.
An individual only begins to change when they grab on to a desire to change and believe it is within their grasp. The goal of the Impact Event is to bring hope that leads to life change and successful re-entry into society.

- Jeffrey Bohn

What are our objectives?


      • Ignite hope that leads to life-change resulting in successful re-entry into society.
      • Develop positive personal aspirations.
      • Encourage faith engagement.


      • Increase awareness of people in need in our society.
      • Increase motivation to serve & to lead others in serving.
      • Develop personal faith
Increasing religiosity is consistently linked with decreases in various measures of crime or delinquency… Researchers found that...inmates who were most active in Bible studies were significantly less likely to be (re)arrested.  (From More God, Less Crime)

- Byron R. Johnson
Baylor University

What are the results we have achieved?


      • 100% report increases in requests for counseling, 50% reported more than 10 people.
      • 90% of facilities report behavioral improvement among the population.
      • 90% of facilities report Chapel attendance increases.
      • 90% report general positivity in facility for days and weeks after the event.
      • 70% of the audiences surveyed indicated they were inspired to consider some new opportunities after our event.


        • 100% reported their view of incarcerated people had changed.
        • 94% reported spiritual confidence and growth continuing as a result of SL participation.
        • 92% plan to expand their serving in ministry efforts.
        • 58% increased their concerns for people in poverty and the lack of opportunities for some in our society.
        • 44% hold career and volunteer aspirations to work with at-risk youth, teach in impoverished neighborhoods, lead prison ministries, or serve people in need in other ways.

How can you host an event?

Seeing how the inmates reacted... it became apparent that this was worth it. It was a great investment in the inmates in my facility.

- Warden Edmund Duffy
Rikers Island, NY

Event Host Information

Research shows that a singular event is often a catalyst for life change. We have served facilities with over 150 Impact Events since 1999, and long-term results have been reported. Based on feedback from the 37 Events presented from 2012 to 2015, we've seen:
        • Positivity and Inspiration: 90% of the facilities report general positivity in facility for days and weeks after the event.
        • Behavioral improvement: 90% of facilities report behavioral improvement among the population.
        • Faith Engagement: 90% of facilities report Chapel Attendance Increases.
To discuss hosting an Event Contact- Jeffrey Bohn (Email: jeff@shining-light.com)


There is no fee for our event. We provide this information so our hosts understand the commitment we are making to achieve our common goals in your facility. Total Impact Event Cost: $17,550 All funding is obtained through other sources.