Raising Your Support – Shining Light


Raising Your Support

We view fundraising as an integral way for others to join our mission in serving the incarcerated. Tour participants are asked to raise about 25% of their direct Tour costs, with ample support and guidance from Shining Light along the way.

Steps for Participant Fundraising:

  • Submit a $100 deposit to secure your spot.
  • Determine your total additional costs.
    (See Setting a Support Goal)
  • Start your fundraising!
  • Total Due to SL by May 15: $950 (deposit included).

Your journey with SL starts when you say, ‘Yes.’ So that is part of the process in your faith journey as well…trusting God that He’s going to provide for you.

– Laina
Belhaven University, Theatre w/ ministry focus

Options for Deposit, Payments and Donations


Simple and secure – Individual Participant Contribution


Payable to Shining Light Ministries*

Shining Light Ministries
1600 North State Rte. 934
Annville, PA 17003

Note: If you are giving toward an individual participant, please ensure that his/her name is clearly noted. In the case of payment by check, please attach a note indicating the participant’s name. In the case of an online gift, include the participant’s name in the space provided.

Donations from family and friends may be tax-deductible. Shining Light is a registered PA non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

Setting a Support Goal

  • We strongly encourage volunteers to set a goal amount to raise through family, friends, church etc. Our experience is that people want to support a noble cause – you just need to ask!
  • Volunteers may want to include the cost of their travel to/from the Tour.
    (Example: $950 due SL + $400 airline cost = total goal of $1350)
  • For participants to receive reimbursement for travel costs from donations made to Shining Light on their behalf, the participant must inform us of their total goal amount by May 1. Once the required amount of $950 is reached, any donations to the participant’s account – up to their expressed goal amount – will be forwarded by May 31.