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What Surprised You The Most?

Experiencing how God and the arts transform lives even in the darkest places.

Personal transformation

Our volunteers learn to embrace humility and empathy, connecting with the larger community in its truest forms without fear, inhibition, or apprehension.

The power art

Our volunteers are blown away by how God uses their offering of talents to inspire people and bring true hope, and in the process find fulfillment and meaning in their own lives.

Developing a heart for the incarcerated

It’s an unfortunate truth that there is a lot of stigma and contempt for prisoners in the larger society. Based on their first-hand experience, our participants are able to and take a humanitarian and sympathetic view towards the incarcerated.

Strengthening one’s own faith

Our volunteers are able to envision a fuller picture of Christian community the way it was meant to be and also walk away with the realization that God loves us all.

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