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Why Should I Do This?

Grow as an artist as you bring hope and meaning to hundreds of lives.

Bring meaning and passion to others’ lives

Shining Light gives you the opportunity to meaningfully influence the lives of hundreds of people by giving them the gift of hope. You will have the chance to use your talents to connect with the audience at a whole new level and witness tangible impact.

Improve your craft in a completely unique way

It’s an engaging and enriching journey that will help you grow as an artist and learn more about yourself and the world around you. You will have the opportunity to perform before audiences like no other. In a space where few people venture, you will use relevant art as a platform to convey powerful life-changing ideas to audiences that demand authenticity and value creative excellence.


You will work with a team of fun-loving artists from diverse backgrounds who share common values and a passion to serve others with their craft as an expression of their faith. In the process, you will establish friendships that last a lifetime.

Combine creative energies with faith!

We provide you with a unique platform to combine your passion for art with your commitment to faith, without compromising either. You will share the gospel with broken people in a way that can deeply transform their lives.

Grow as an individual and as an artist

Your learnings and experiences on the tour will help you grow not just as an artist but also as an individual and in turn become a more valuable member of the society.

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Early Selection: December 15, 2015

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